developed & refined a fresh idea in drying nature's food

Welcome To Driedfresh

Over the last 25 years we have developed and refined a fresh idea in drying nature’s food. We dry from fresh (no freeze-drying required) at low temperatures and Oxygen free.

Food ready to eat when you want or need. Food for longlife storage with a gold standard nutrient preservation status ….keeping nature’s colours, taste and texture. Its pure health! Retains 99.9% of the plant’s Vitamins & Natural Colour, Flavour, Aroma, Actives.

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driedfresh produce 

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Why Choose Driedfresh

No Freeze-Drying

The plant’s cell membrane is not punctured by the frozen ice crystals. We lock in nutrients and have substantially reduced the hydroscopic problem (mush)

Low Temperatures

The technology dries in a vacuum at below 38c to protect nutrients and allow the customer to qualify their produce as “Raw” if desired

Oxygen Free

The technology dries in a vacuum without Oxygen but with nitrogen to prevent oxidation, colour loss, bacteria yeast and spore growth

99.9% Natural

Dried from fresh removing only water using the plant's natural reverse osmosis process. It's the O in OVDMA

Longlife Storage

With the cell membrane intact the dried produce is not as hydroscopic as FD and at <6% moisture and <.5aw stored correctly will be preserved for decades

OVDMA Technology

OVDMA is Osmotic Vacuum Drying in a Modified Atmosphere. 25 + years of development with ongoing R&D using machine learning algorithms to deliver the best drying tech in the world

We Dry fresh





Driedfresh In the news

We are in the process of adding to this section and the other tabs – please bear with us – plenty happening!!

We are working with parties to build a drying facility using our OVDMA dryers – stay tuned!! 

Investing in the

future of food

We have opportunities to invest in either new dryers, drying facilities or dryer capacity slots either directly or indirectly –

Our dryers can be fully leased, as a shared lease or purchased. Fully supported with our standard service level agreement and licence agreement. Invest in a dryer capacity slot/s in some of the dryers installed in different regions in NZ and the world either as an investment or for your own business use.

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