In 2016 the NZ government science institutes – Food Innovation Network, Ag Research and Callaghan Innovation conducted a review of the Drying technologies within New Zealand. Attached is the Non Dairy Drying Report.

Early December 2015 we delivered and commissioned our new V2.0 more powerful fully containerised portable vacuum drying chamber to Chantal Organic Wholesalers in Napier New Zealand. Within hours the drier was at work gently drying fresh Kale for discerning consumers. A big thank you to the design team and engineering company Scott Technology Ltd in Dunedin New Zealand

In February 2017 we delivered another OVDMA containerised dryer to a facility in Waiuku, Auckland – great NZ produce being dried for export to JDE Europe for the Ti-Ora tea product. 

Our dryers have been on lease to various growers and manufacturers drying foods in segments  – Seafood, Pet-foods and fruit and vege. The containerised dryer concept has proven its value whereby a dryer can be transported and operational in the same day.

We are working on plans to build dedicated professionally built and managed drying hubs (artist impression on left) with interchangeable dryers around the world.  The first Hub is close to commencing offshore.  More info coming soon.

We need to service the huge demand for premium quality drying capacity.  More info and capacity offers coming soon.  go to for the latest updates. 

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