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It all started from becoming tired of eating mushy Freeze Dried meals on ocean racing yachts. We visualised building a better drying machine that dries from fresh without destroying the plant’s integrity so we could re-hydrate back to near fresh and preserve 99% of the aromas, texture and nutrients.  We also wanted to dry on site in the beautiful pacific island  – fruits like Pineapple, Mango, Papaya, Banana, Noni, Turmeric, Ginger and offer them and their health benefits to the world. Twenty five years later after much resource, trial and error, with technical and logistical input and support from NZ Plant and Food research institute, the Australian and NZ universities, a few world famous scientists and importantly left field masterful thinkers –        we have done it – food dried and preserved to be brought back as fresh as the day it was picked. 

We can efficiently transfer energy in a Vacuum using unique physics and algorithms – it’s called OVDMA (Osmotic Vacuum Drying in a Modified Atmosphere.  dryer brochure here

We are about providing turnkey containerised OVDMA vacuum dryers to growers or grower co-operatives and food drying businesses and/or community drying hubs – to dry and preserve fresh produce where it is grown or close to. We have perfected a plug-n- play technology with ongoing development from our partnership with NZ’s top scientists to preserve fresh food grown with such care reducing the carbon footprint and delivered cost.

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